Business Intelligence refers to transforming business data into information or knowledge. Different computer aid techniques help you with this. It enables users to take effective factual decisions. MSBI becomes a helpful tool in this process. Basically, MSBI is a software application and stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. It is useful in analyzing the data, regaining, reporting, and transforming the data. If you want to learn about its tool and its works, you can take any MSBI training to get a descriptive answer about its usage. Also, MSBI uses Visual studio along with an SQL server, which permits users to gain access to accurate and current information for superior decisions.

Key features of MSBI

  • Provides a set of data to make effective and beneficial decisions
  • Eliminates the idea of Instinctive Decisions by providing a set of relevant data
  • Enables a quick and timely answer to the business by making it more responsive to the dynamic business trends
  • Minimize error-prone manual and repetitive work coming your way
  • Undoubtedly, delivers fast support for advanced analysis
  • A storage of Historical data
  • Build a support system for summarized data

Categorization of MSBI

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS): Integration Tool

It saves the daily data of the customers who visit various websites. Now, this data is integrated and saved into a centralized database. Basically, this is done through the OLTP component of MS SQL Server. In MSBI terms, ‘Integration’ refers to merging data from different data stores. And further refreshing the data in the warehouses and cleansing the data before loading them.

SQL Server Analytical Services (SSAS): Analysis Tool

The next step says about analyzing the data stored. Data analysis takes place in Data Marts. This Data mart is the division of data. The Analysis Services use OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) components and data mining features. This enables multi-dimensional structures called Cubes to pre-calculate and store complex aggregations. This also promotes in building mining models to perform data analysis for identifying recent trend patterns. Basically, these trends help in identifying market needs and customers’ likes and dislikes. Further now, Business Analysts performs data mining functions on multi-dimensional cube structure to look at data from different perspectives.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): Reporting Tool

For an easy decision-making process, these data are graphically shown for better visibility. This is done for companies to make effective decisions to enhance their revenue, gain maximum profit and reduce time wastage. Basically, it is done in the form of Reports, Plans, Scorecards, Dashboards, Excel, etc. Basically, these reports give a clear picture of revenue generation.

Roles and Responsibilities of an MSBI developer

  • A business developer is working on designing and developing solutions based on queries and requests for data. Additionally, they store them in specific data warehouses and transform data into useful insights. 
  • The developer must know all the features of MSBI, to help the management in providing better solutions. 
  • They are also responsible for constantly monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting these solutions for a more specific output.

Prominent Skills

  • Communication skills: An MSBI developer needs to convey solutions to the team by understanding their queries. Besides, he must also be a good listener so that he can provide better resolutions. 
  • Database Skills: They must have a background in some important skills like data testing, reporting, designing, mining, deployment, and other operations. Indeed, a basic skill allows you to understand the tough mechanism easier. 
  • Testing: Software testing is necessary for different reasons. One of the reasons can be, that it helps you with both Data processing and the display of correct data. 
  • Troubleshooting: To find a resolution to a problem, a good developer must identify the root cause. However, with identification comes the need for correct implementation of the MSBI tools into the system and checking them frequently.


This MSBI software allows every convenient solution that a business needs in its process of smooth working. Also, it is because of these features that any business is in a position to take decisions benefiting its growth rate. However, you can learn from the professionals at MSBI Training Institute in Noida with elaborate training methods. Also, the companies focus on individuals who can work well with MSBI tools.