The data market is continuously growing at a rapid pace, and businesses are trying their best to keep up with the pace. Moreover, data-driven organizations always outperform their competitors. Thus, hiring data experts has become an increasing priority across all industries. Data analysts are usually in high demand, thereby allowing newcomers a great position. There are plenty of jobs out there; therefore, with the right skills, there’s nothing to stop you from getting a foot in the door. Take benefit of the growing demand and start with Data Analytics Online Course in Dubai. With proper learning and guidance, anyone can become Data Analyst. Thus, start learning and began your journey as Data Analyst now.

How to begin your journey as Data Analyst

Start with the Fundamentals

The first step in your journey is making sure you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals. You need to understand the key principles of data analytics, the different types of data analysis, and the various tools that data analysts use.

Cover the Educational Requirements

Data analysts usually spend a lot of time working with numbers. Due to this, most employers prefer candidates with bachelor’s degrees in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or another related field. However, you don’t necessarily need a formal degree to become a data analyst. In fact, companies often hire candidates who have completed their data analyst course and have the requisite set of technical knowledge and skills. Data Analytics Online Certification in Kuwait can help you with the necessities of a Data analyst. 

Pick Up a Programming Language 

Usually, not all data analysts know how to code. However, at the start of your career, a basic familiarity with the more popular querying languages will be sufficient. Although, if you really wish to become the best data analyst, prefer learning one or more essential programming languages. 

Familiarity With Data Analytics Tools

Data analysts use a wide range of tools and applications to gather, manipulate, and analyze data. You should be familiar with some analysis tools, including;

Tableau: A popular data visualization tool for data analysis, manipulation, and also visualization

Microsoft Excel: A popular spreadsheet application commonly in use by data analysts.

Microsoft Power BI: A free data visualization and business insight tool perfect for collaboration

An open-sourced web application that allows exploratory analysis using big data tools; such as Python, R, and Scala

Build Your Skillset

Technical Skills

Statistical analysis and ability to work with Numbers

Data analysts work a lot with numbers. Data analysts should have strong math skills and the ability to analyze data sets.

Programming and querying languages

To process data and make it understandable for others, analysts use different programming and querying languages, like Python and R. Being a data analyst, you won’t be building many programs, but familiarity with the most commonly in-use languages is essential.   

Data visualization

A good data analyst can present meaningful insights and findings, visually in the most understandable form.

Soft Skills

Analytical thinking

Data analysis involves gathering raw data and reforming it into meaningful information. After proper refining, analysts analyze it to discover essential value from it. Indeed, you can only achieve this by analytical thinking.

Presentation skills

Data analysts effectively present their insights in an informative manner so that everyone to understand. Strong presentation skills will further help you to convey your findings and predictions in an engaging manner. 

Communication and interpersonal skills

Being a data analyst, you will usually interact with different people, including colleagues, managers, and different stakeholders. Strong communication and interpersonal skills will always help you in this.  


The data market is continuously growing, and so is the demand for skilled data analysts. Being a newcomer, you will come across plenty of offers. Thus, with correct learning, anyone can scale to become a Data Analyst. Start your learning journey Now, and move towards the most desirable job role.